September 05, 2011


So after last week of pointing out everything that wasn't right, I get to report about something that is.  It's odd saying that about an incomplete project; I haven't knit the top of the modified Entwined mitten yet or the thumb.  Other than that, I am very pleased with it.  I worked out a new and pretty ending to the cable that I was fussing with.

I like everything about the mitten.

The little dart I inserted above the cuff at the base of the hand is elegant; it makes the mitten fitted.

The weight of the yarn feels substantial.  The shine of Blue Face Leicester wool is beautiful to look at.

The un-dyed fibre feels soft and better than dyed fibre.  Un-dyed fibre in cables looks correct, traditional, and untrammelled.

The cables in 5 ply yarn stand out in such high relief that to my mind they put all lesser cables to shame.

Stockinette in 5 ply yarn is more plush than in 3 ply.  I knit already with the other skein of this handspun when I made the Take It or Leaf It cowl; the embossed exchange motif meant that there were no large, unbroken swaths of stockinette to admire.  Now, with this mitten, the whole palm is stockinette and I can tell.

I am starting to dream of doing a large item in stockinette with 5 ply yarn, with total disregard for the challenge it would be both to wrangle five singles into yarn that many times and to get a fabric thin enough and cool enough to wear indoors or under a coat.  I think five ply yarn is supposed to have an air pocket inside with the five strands around it, making it lighter and better for insulation compared to the same size of 3 ply.

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