September 15, 2011

Acorns for Ewes' Feed

I'd heard of fattening pigs on acorns.  Apparently sheep will thrive on them too. 
I was especially partial to the Garry Oaks....At Fair-Winds [near Victoria, B.C.] there were some magnificent specimens.  In the fall their acorn-laden limbs would come alive with hordes of wild- band-tailed pigeons.  These fall flights made me feel that I was reliving the era of the famous passenger pigeons in the East.

The acorns that did not go into their crops, fell to find a ready lodging with the sheep who fattened on the high protein kernels.  In fact this gain in flesh just at the breeding season resulted in astonishing crops of lambs.  The heavier the acorn crop, the higher the percentage of twin lambs we could look forward to the following spring.

–W. Phillip Keller, Canada's Wild Glory (Toronto: Nelson, Foster & Scott Ltd., 1961) p. 101

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