September 03, 2011

My First Cables, Redone But Still Not Like I Want Them

I have redone the cabled mitten, correcting the fabric gauge.  Now it fits and feels flexible.

The pattern is Tera Johnson's Entwined fingerless mitts.  I like my fingertips covered so I am knitting on beyond the pattern.  I did some figuring, crossed cables behind to make them disappear, and brought the remaining cables to a logical conclusion.

However, now that I am looking at the result, I find myself annoyed that those two cables cross behind and not in front like the others.  I believe I will go back one repeat, knit the cables as written, and let them blend directly into stockinette above.  Will look blunt but will look better.

I am not versed in the way cables are supposed to look.  Cables have always simply been there on sweaters, and all the cable motifs I've ever been around have been pretty ordinary and not elaborate or tapered the way Kate Gilbert's Wisteria or Margaret Mills' Maire Riding Jacket are.

I know my choice of handspun yarn is good.  Five strands of singles plied together really do make cables stand out.  I am almost out; I am going to have to spin more in order to make a second mitten.  A terrible thing, eh, to need to spin more yarn?

Noticed that almost all my posts this week have been about mistakes I've made and things that haven't worked out.  Sorry to keep pointing them out.

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