06 July, 2010

twelfth hat

Here is the twelfth hat I've made, using the yarn I made thick by cabling twice. The fabric feels a bit stiff and the hat needs to be pulled tightly over the head so the decreases don't stick out. This was a factor of the thick cabled yarn and the needles, which despite being the largest I own were a little too small.

There is a subtle gradation of colour from top to bottom, a result of accidentally getting one dyelot, spinning most of it, and getting a much lighter dyelot later.

Now that I have tried cabling yarn and cabling it again, I probably won't do so to future yarn. As I said, the yarn produced stiff fabric. I regret a little that I didn't make a hat with this yarn at two ply. But then, if I had, then I wouldn't know I don't care so much for this twice-cabled technique.

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