July 28, 2010

sixty-eighth skein

Here is my sixty-eighth skein, an ounce of ecru Blue Face Leicester spun to match the Long Time No Sea BFL skeins. I thought that this skein looked underspun and underplied and I was not sure how that happened since I spun in the usual way.

I was ready to quote Thomas Aquinas, that I am changeable by my very nature, when I laid the skein next to the others and discovers it matches rather well. Have decided that it is my opinion that is changeable.

Having said that, I'm going to change my opinion again. My spinning does change when I'm not looking. Well, I was looking but I didn't notice. I knit some blue merino handspun into the K2P2 scarf and created an aggravating line of demarkation where the last skein stops, ending a stretch of thin and strangely hard knitting fabric, and the next skein begins, starting a soft, thicker section.

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