15 July, 2010

Spinning While on Public Display

The other weekend I spun at a farmers' market, right beside a friend's booth, Ripping It Down. She finds that customers see me, come over, and then shop her jewellery and paper goods.

My friend remarked how curious it was that the official market video camera, bent on capturing the market sights, presumably for publicity reasons, had been trained on us for quite a while. Mmm. Handspinning as local colour?

Some market customers showed interest in the wool and drop spindle and they asked questions, which I always enjoy. There were also some endearing confidences from a couple of people about how they and children had tried spinning for educational reasons, from the fleece up, or with cotton grown in a garden.

I hear backyard cotton-raising is illegal in this state. Also, I consider teaching a child to spin using raw wool or cotton to be about as prudent as teaching a child to write using a quill and fluid ink from inkwells. That said, it's wonderful the adults cared to teach the kids spinning.

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