June 15, 2010

fifty-fourth, fifty-fifth, and fifty-sixth skeins

The first two skeins are spun from undyed BFL roving made of 75 per cent plain and 25 per cent natural brown colour.

The little skeinlettes with colour are spun from the same stuff combined with a few clear, intense portions of colour extracted from my leftover Frabjous Fibers BFL in chocolate cherry and deep space.

You can see that the light blue skeinlette looks more clear than the dark blue and the red. I removed some of the natural brown from the undyed wool to acheive this effect.

I'm spinning for another hat project. (What a surprise, you say.) The skeinlettes will form thin stripes around the hat.

If you were wondering why the ball of yarn at the back is wrapped differently from the others, they are all straight off the spindle, but that one is the one I swatched with to figure out how many stitches to cast on and what size needle to use.

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