05 June, 2010

Antique Shop Sightings

I saw a wooden sheep statue, a couple of great wheels, a flax wheel in terrible shape,* a skein winder, and a spinner's chair at antique shops recently.

The spinner's chair was my favourite. The style wasn't to my taste, all florid with gilt and turnings. The shape of a spinner's chair's skinny back always strikes me as ill-proportioned, too. But the chair was my favourite find because of the label that read, "Unusual chair, $18."

"Hah!" I said to myself. "Little do they know," I said.

The clerk promised to pass on to the shop owner the fact that such a chair is not at all unusual to handspinners.

*The shop owner told me that the wheel got damaged in the shop because customers would walk by and fiddle with it.

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