May 18, 2009

sixteenth skein

Happy Victoria Day!

This is the sixteenth skein that ever I spun.

To two ounces of white superwash merino, I added a little over half an ounce of red superwash merino that I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool. The red merino was not in roving: it was loose and the fibres were not aligned.

I tore the white roving into chunks, overlaid each chunk with some red, and predrafted. Predrafting made the two parts stick together and helped align the red fibres.

The combination produced an inconsistent streaky effect. The technique produced some weak areas at the spots where one chunk ran out and overlapped with the next.

I spun the fibre on a Schacht 1 ½ ounce top whorl drop spindle. I wrapped the singles for the Andean plying method, plying from both ends of the strand off my wrist.

Here's a colourful fibre shopping shot; the red stuff I got is at the bottom right:

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