28 May, 2009

Indigo Hound Wool Combs

Sorry, forgot to post this when I talked earlier about Indigo Hound's wool combs. Here you can see Indigo Hound English combs at their Maryland Sheep and Wool vendor booth. There are also Comblings, Viking combs, and double row Viking combs on the table but they're a little hard to see.

Here's a bucket of more Indigo Hound Viking combs:


  1. If you please, do you still have the Indigo Hound Viking Combs? Are they double tine (is that the right word, tine)? If so, I'm looking for a set. If you or someone you know could hook me up with a pair, I'd be very grateful. Thanks for your time.

  2. Hi Sarah, I do not sell combs myself but I can suggest a place. The combs pictured above are combs that I saw at the Indigo Hound booth at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. If you cannot attend that festival to buy direct from Indigo Hound, consider trying a handspinners supply shop that carries their products. For example, Stony Mountain Fibers in Virginia. There are other shops too and an Internet search should help you find them.
    It is possible to buy direct by mail from Indigo Hound but you'd need a hardcopy catalogue with the address. The owners of Indigo Hound do not publish their catalogue online; you'd need to pick up a copy at the festival.

  3. Indigo Hound advertises in SpinOff magazine, and the ads give their address and phone number for buying direct.


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