May 12, 2009

seventh through fourteenth skeins

I made two ply yarn out of the twelfth skein in waiting, the queue jumper singles, and the last 2 oz left of the pound of mystery fibre my generous mother bought from Anna Runnings, of Qualicum Bay Fibre Works, and gave to me.

The drop spindle is the ¾ ounce top whorl rim-weighted maple spindle. The spindle was made by the husband of a fellow guild member.

Here's the last 2 oz, near the end of plying. Singles are in an Andean bracelet around my wrist, for plying from either end of the strand.

And here are all the skeins from the roving, my seventh through fourteenth skeins that ever I spun (all on the same spindle):
You can see subtle colour variations. Runnings created the roving by putting the sweepings from the floor of her fibre mill through her industrial carding machine. Think of it as pre-consumer recycled material. The feel is soft, and there is a lot of alpaca in the mix.

For now the skeins are finished objects. Perhaps in the future I will overply and cable the skeins to even out the gauges a bit, give more cylindrical shapes to the strands (as compared to a two ply's characteristic "string of pearls" shape) and make the strands more resistant to abrasion for weaving.

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