23 April, 2009

Hello World

Hello World,

I've been spinning wool into yarn on drop spindles since late December, and am just vain enough to think other people might be interested in hearing about my experiences.

What else should you know.

I am an expat living outside my home and native land. Thus, sojourner.

I find the chance to give people useful information irresistible.

People ask me, "Why do you spin?" The short explanation is
1. to understand those parts of the Bible that mention hand-spinning (and also most of history)
2. because spinning might be a useful skill in a dire post-Peak Oil crisis
3. when I tried spinning, people told me I was naturally good at it and I'm a sucker for flattery
4. line flax on the wheel at Scotchtown. Absolutely sensational

I won't be talking much about the Bible or Peak Oil in this blog. Whether you are a pagan-vegan-matriarchal-neohippie or a SUV-driving-atheist or whatever (and I'm sure you are a lovely person), hopefully we can meet over fibre.

The other question I get is, "What are you going to do with the yarn?" The answer right now is, no idea. This is the hobby! But weaving, nalbinding, and knitting are probably in my future.

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