June 18, 2012

Sprang Frame and Wensleydale Wool in Sprang

The sprang frame is made from artist canvas stretchers using the longest available pieces for the sides.  The strands are run over dowel rods on the frame so I can adjust when there's take up in the fabric.

Am still doing the simplest moves in sprang, interlinking.  I reversed between S and Z twist to keep the fabric from skewing.  I am still getting a strange skip in the left side.

The Wensleydale handspun yarn is hairy.  The fabric looks very cool.  The thing is, the yarn catches and resists when I finish a row and force a stick through the shed toward the bottom.  Collingwood's book advises smooth yarn for this reason.

Whatever you do in sprang at the top, a mirror image happens at the bottom.  You can compare and see, going by the position of the sticks, that the fabric is longer at the bottom than it is at the top.  This is a mistake: I did not force the twists down far enough.  I was able to go back and work the twists further with my fingers to correct the problem.  There you are, I disregarded the rules for the sake of a beautiful yarn and managed to pull it off.

The next step is to sew up the sides and add a strap to turn it into a bag.


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