30 June, 2012

Flag on a Spindle

There's a photo of a Viking_Santa spindle on his Etsy shop that amuses me.  The whorl is leather and the leather has been worked in tiny maple leaves and a Canadian flag.

And naturally to celebrate Canada Day tomorrow, you need a Jacques the Voyageur action figure set from the Canadian Canoe museum's shop.  (Look under unique items.)  Lots of textiles in the accessories to evoke our nation's history: blanket coat, gun case made from a trade blanket, red wool hat, chequered shirt, etc.  I'm not sure from the description if Jacques' sash looks exactly like a correct fur trader's ceinture fléchée.  The shop sell full-sized replicas and kits to make them, and the museum runs workshops.

Oh, the things you find on the web.

The Canadian Canoe museum had a canoe called Canada One/Un in the Thames river pageant as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  Warmed my expat heart to see the photo on their June 6, 2012 blog post that showed the paddlers in voyageur outfits, toque tassels flying.

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