March 29, 2012

pink tweed doll blanket

This doll blanket in pink tweed handspun started out as a few rows I knit in garter stitch so I could let girls try knitting at a public handspinning demo.  The demo was cancelled due to rain.

Might have been smart to stow it in my bag for the next demo.  Instead it came along with me during ordinary life and I showed a little girl and a teen how I knit.  I sat across from one while trying to guide her as she tried to knit.  The perspective was wrong and as a consequence my attempts at guidance were wrong, which was awkward and a pity.

The doll blanket will go to the little girl.

I was pleased these straight needles were the correct size to knit the chunky yarn.  I have very few pairs of straights, as I've been using double points.  I bought these the first year I started to knit thinking I'd need them for a certain project but then they sat, admired but unused.

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