12 March, 2012

J. Young

Judith Buxton's Selected Canadian Spinning Wheels in Perspective: An Analytical Approach (Hull: Canadian Museum of Civilization, 1992) refers on page 154 to a family of chair makers in Lunenburg, NS that also made spinning wheels under the names J. Young and F. Young.

When I visited the Knaut-Rhuland House museum in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia last year, there was a spinning wheel in the front room marked J. Young.  Makes it a very local product.


  1. I am the proud owner of 3 flax spinning wheels made by the Young Bros of Lunenburg,NS. One is signed J. Young, one F. Young and an identical one which is not signed. I am missing the spindle and flyer on one. If anyone out there has the original parts for sale I'm interested. E-mail address is vmcmanus369@xplornet.ca

    1. thanks, I'm sure your pride of ownership is well-founded since these wheels are held in museum collections too.

      If you haven't already, you might also try posting on the Ravelry.com discussion board http://www.ravelry.com/groups/spinners-marketplace.

      All the best. Other spinners tell me that it's challenging to get replacement flyers and bobbins to fit antique wheels, whether antique or custom reproduction.