December 23, 2011


What wool is this, I laid to rest,
In plastic bags I’m keeping?
No name of sheep nor label sweet,
No shepherd’s business card either.
This, this is Rambouillet,
Or Manx Loghtan, or Polypay.
Ouissant, Bond, North Ronaldsay,
Not Icelandic, it isn’t that hairy.

Why lies it in a forgotten place,
Where beetle and moth are feeding?
Good spinner fear for lost projects here,
Fine intentions much too fleeting.
This, this is Corriedale,
CVM, or BFL,
Shetland, Finn, Jacob, Gotland,
Targhee, Polwarth, Merino. 

(The song is a joke and bears no relation to my stash.)

Besides parodying a carol, I knit the wee sock ornament to completion.  Pattern from Handspun, Handknit.  The angle and length of the foot still look odd and I don't yet understand what would change that.


  1. What a wonderful carol! And that would definitely be an impressive stash.

  2. I see all the important parts, though! Cuff, Gusset, heel...I think you might think it looks off, due to the size of it :) It's perfect!

  3. thanks for the encouragement, Danielle!


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