December 15, 2011

Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine Articles

Matt Kirk, "Handmade Gear," Blue Ridge Outdoors, November 3, 2011,
Discusses the benefits of going further than reduce, reuse, recycle: raise, repair, and regionalize.  The article may be about outdoor gear but as a handspinner I relate to much of what Kirk says about acquiring tools and learning to make and source useful local goods.

Jedd Ferris, "Natural Selection," Blue Ridge Outdoors, October 27, 2010,
I would quibble about merino being the only wool that isn't itchy, but otherwise I like this profile on Jeremy Moon of Icebreaker and his non-synthetic technical performance apparel.  Funny to think of someone discovering wool as a breakthrough product, but it's a good story.

I like the ethics information section on the Icebreaker site, regarding the way the fibre animals are treated.  They have a mulseing-free guarantee for their products, which is good.  So is their traceability.  You type your piece's code into their site and see the sheep station(s) it came from.  This website feature is fun even if you don't own their clothes; a demo code leads you to video and written interviews with one of the fibre producers.

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