June 22, 2011

"A Scarf's a Scarf"

Here's a quote from Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement, regarding the absurdity of importing and exporting things that might as well be consumed domestically: "We [U.K.] send 43 000 scarves to Canada every year and we import 49 000 scarves from Canada.  I think a scarf's a scarf, isn't it really.  Frankly.  I've never seen someone say, 'Oh, it's Canadian.'"

It's funny he makes the potshot, actually, because he goes on to talk positively about things that are representative of a region.  As a loyal Canadian I think a well-made Canadian scarf could be representative of its place of origin and be worth owning on that basis.  I do take his point though and understand he makes it in the context of trying to reduce redundant world-wide shipping to decrease fossil fuel use and foster local production and consumption.

Here's the whole speech, "Recipes for Resilience at Dartington" which contains props and stories about initiatives like the Trash Catcher's Carnival, public nut trees, and the Gasketeers.  Runs 39 minutes.  Good if you like to spin or knit while listening to audio.

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