June 18, 2011

Beginning of an Onion/Indigo Dyed Mitten

You could say I'm not one to let grass-green yarn grow under my feet.

Wish I'd spun the yarn a touch fatter since the fit of the mitten cuff is a little tight on me.  Fortunately, this mitten doesn't need to fit me and most women have smaller hands than I do.  The other day I tried on a friend's Chrysanthemum mitten and found it snug.  Colourwork doesn't stretch like stockinette.  I am either going to have to guess where to end the tip of this mitten or borrow someone's hand to check the fit.

I am apprehensive over whether there's enough yardage for complete mittens in the two wee skeins.  I've done fingerless mitts before but not full mittens.

Happy World Wide Knit in Public Day!  Find a KIP event near you with wwkipday.com.

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