16 October, 2009

Fibre Breeds: More Sheep

Navajo Churro sheep, which are acclimated to hot climates and produce strong, slightly stiff wool that goes into the rugs for which the Navajo are renowned:

Cormo sheep, which produce a springy wool:

Icelandic sheep, which are acclimated to cold climates and produce a wool with a long hair coat and a downy undercoat:


  1. Hi Kristen,
    Found your nice blog while surfing the 'net on a rainy Oregon Saturday.

    Here's a little bit more info. about Navajo-Churro sheep wool... It comes in a wide range of natural colors, is classified as coarse and is dual coated, with a soft downy inner coat and a longer guard-hair like outer coat. A correct Navajo-Churro fleece will be open and locky with no defined crimp and wile it has a low grease content, it should be lustrous with a silky hand. Best of all it spins up beautifully :)

    Another interesting breed from a spinner's standpoint is the Jacob Sheep, which has a springy, open, multi-colored, medium fleece. It's also a lot of fun to spin.

    Okay I'll admit to bias since we raise both breeds...
    Take care,

  2. thanks for the information, Karen! Jacob wool is on my "spin someday" list. Glad you like the blog.


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