October 19, 2009

2010 Winter Games Sweater Controversy

In the news:
Members of the Cowichan First Nation on Vancouver Island say the Hudson's Bay Company ripped-off their design for one of the most sought-after pieces of Canada's Olympic uniforms.
First Nation alleges Olympic rip-off CBC News, Oct 7, 2009

When Sawyer-Smith saw the team sweaters to be worn by the Canadian Olympic team and sold at retail outlets across the country, she felt the Cowichan Tribes had been robbed, "like they were taking something away from what was originally Cowichan's."

Cowichan Valley NDP MLA Bill Routley called the decision a "tragedy."

He said Premier Gordon Campbell talks about a new relationship with aboriginal people and about providing them with economic opportunities.

"Well, this is one that's been sadly missed," he said.
Olympic Cowichan sweater won't be knit by First Nation Times Columnist, Oct 7, 2009

The Women's Canadian Olympic Team Lamb's Wool sweater is shown on the Hudson's Bay Co. website here.

Looking at the online image of the HBC sweater and thinking of the Cowichan sweaters I grew up around, I immediately want to point out that it contains dyed wool. I also notice the weight of the yarn and the construction of the sleeves.

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