27 April, 2009

sixth skein

80% Polworth wool
20% Tussah silk
25 grams
Fibre from Anna Runnings' Qualicum Bay Fibre Works
spun on the 3/4 oz top whorl rim-weighted maple spindle I bought from someone at my guild

Ah! This post is a typically Canadian mishmash of metric and Imperial measurements.
(Btw, 25 grams is a bit less than 1 oz.)
Now I have to go back and count the skein's yardage. Meterage?

Runnings sells little five gram packets of fibre so spinners can sample and select what they want to buy in quantity. This fibre was sold out, so she was selling the packets at discount at the Mid-Island Weavers and Spinners Guild annual sale. I got all five remaining packets.

My gracious mother spent a little more than double what I did at Runnings' table and got, oh, eighteen times the weight in fibre. But mine is shiny.

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