November 07, 2020

Potato Chip Knitting

     You might remember an old commercial for potato chips that bet you can't eat just one.  I find that some knitting patterns are like that too.  I knit them, and then knit them again.  It is quite satisfying.
     I am currently coming to the end of a streak of knitting accessories for gifts.  There's half a hat and one pair of mitts to go.  The hat pattern is one I've used before, and the mitts pattern will be new to me.  
     I am growing a little in technical skill.  I feel quite clever because I've applied a technique I learned from Ann Hanson in a Craftsy course of hers, the one row buttonhole.  I used it to make a ponytail opening just above the ribbed brim of a hat.  That hat was the third hat I've made from a particular pattern, in white after doing lime green and dark red.  The pattern has a lot of texture from thin lines of stockinette on reverse stockinette.  It is a pattern with a bold style.  There are family members I would not make it for, because I just don't think it would appeal to them.  I like the look of it, though, and fortunately I also like the knitting process for it.  I found the stitches easy to read and the pattern easy to memorize over the course of a round.  That surprised me, given all the cables.
     Have amassed some more books on knitting sweaters but haven't dug into them yet.  I got one book for a particular pattern that I think is quite pretty because it has a lot of texture.  It is similar to the hat I just mentioned.  However, I have concerns that such a sweater would visually add bulk and not be flattering to wear.  And I think you really have to be sensible and weigh both when picking a project.  So that pattern may stay in the "nice to think about" category.
     I did read one knitting book recently that was written in the 1980s.  The content is very dated in parts and rather amusing.  The author raved about the new looser fit that had just become fashionable.  It's good to know that I have the pattern for a dolman sleeve sweater if I ever need it.  I got the idea to buy that title from watching Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's stash room tour on Patreon, a tour which includes her bookshelves.

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