September 22, 2018

It's Been Ten Years Now

     It's been ten years this weekend since I first tried a spinning wheel at an old-timey festival and changed the course of my life.
     To mark the occasion, I spent time today at the same festival.  This time I was the one demonstrating handspinning with a drop spindle.  A lot of people just walked by, rubbernecking at the windmill, the country music singers, and the cannon fire.  A few stopped to talk which was great.
     I had some time before and after my demo to walk around and see other demonstrators.  I talked about språng with some re-enactors for the American Revolutionary War period, because språng was used for officers' sashes.  Would have been a whole lot more impactful if I'd finished the small sash I have half-warped on my loom and had it on hand for show and tell.  Oh, well.
     Talked with a chip carver about spinning wheel chairs and Northern European distaffs, because those items were chip carved.
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