March 10, 2018

Natural Dye Shopping List

     This week I sold the last dye kit in my Etsy shop, Rosetwist LLC.  I have reordered supplies to restock.
     In the meantime I thought I'd give you a shopping list of dyes for Maiwa, my supplier.  That way you can go direct.  It isn't the exact proportions you'd need, like the kit has.  It has the same dyes and additives as the kit I sold, but with larger quantities and some gallnut for mordanting cotton.  The total cost will be about double that of my kit, because it is more dye and also you are buying the smallest quantities Maiwa offers which means you don't get the bulk prices.  

  • Gallnut Extract 100g (3.6 oz.)
  • Fructose - 250g (8.82 oz.)
  • Calcium Carbonate 250g (8.82 oz)
  • Potassium Alum Sulfate 100g (3.6 oz.)
  • Weld 100g (3.6 oz.)
  • Walnut Husks Ground 100g (3.6 oz.)
  • Madder 100g (3.6 oz.)
  • Calcium Hydroxide (Calx) 60g (2.1 oz)
  • Indigo Natural 30g (1.1 oz.)
     If you are wondering how to dye with natural dyes, Maiwa has informational guides about natural dyes at including The Maiwa Guide to Natural Dyes: What They Are and How to Use Them, Indigo and Woad: Natural and Synthetic, and The Organic Vat.  The last one is also about indigo and includes the fructose vat, which is what the shopping list is meant to give.
     In other news, I have made headway in my effort to have more linen in my life.  I bought a pair of linen socks from Rawganique.  They look like sports socks but they are linen instead of cotton, and they are undyed which goes well with my synthetic dye diet.  Wearing the socks feels as good as wading in the ocean barefoot.  Really.  And I very much like wading in the ocean, especially at Rathtrevor.
     Finally, I have been making knitting-themed barrettes in copper and sterling silver.  Again, you can find them in my shop.  One is about weaving.  I don't know many weavers with hair long enough to wear a barrette but you never know.  There may be one out there in the market for a barrette that says "tromp as writ."  These barrettes are good for wearing to a fibre festival when it is too hot out to wear handknits.  Unless your handknits are linen, of course.  I haven't totally given up on the plan to knit a linen sweater.  We shall see.  Maybe a linen språng pullover like the wool one I did.  That would be amazing.

knitting-themed barrettes from Rosetwist LLC

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