April 23, 2016

Silver Earrings for Weavers

So this week there is Earth Day and Fashion Revolution day, both good, and I am contemplating them for a moment then letting it go by in a blur because I have my head down making fibre-arts themed jewellery to sell at Powhatan's Festival of Fiber next week.

Weavers complain that festival vendors don't sell products for their craft.  So, I cast some silver earrings in the shape of tiny boat shuttles.

silver earrings for weavers by Rosetwist LLC

I recently found the podcast Conscious Chatter by Kestrel Jenkins and the article "Finding Local" by Niki Taylor in Seamwork magazine's April, 2016 issue.

I did order the linen knitting yarn, two sample balls of it.  It is the same gauge as the Bockens linen weaving yarn I have; the Bockens is much more tightly spun and plied.  I selected the natural white and natural grey, in my desire to avoid synthetic dye, and the shades appeal to me.

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