January 09, 2016

Kitchener and Kitchener and Kitchener Again

When last I posted, there were two pairs of identical handknit fingerless mittens whose tops needed to be folded over and Kitchenered.  There are three pairs of mittens now and I've just started to Kitchener.

I have read another book on getting things done that advises a person to eliminate, automate, and delegate tasks as much as possible.  Apparently the rule is to do tasks that can only be done by you, and nothing else.  Sounds like a rather expensive and sterile way to live.  

The white Romney wool has been machine-spun into yarn for me and is awaiting pickup the next time I go to B.C.  I hear the mill's financial situation has improved.

The Egyptian coin earrings I made sold immediately and I am waiting on more of the same coins to arrive from Poland.  I have coins coming from Italy and a small packet of jewellery components coming from Singapore as well.  It is a rather cool feeling to source from exotic places.  It entails a lot of waiting, though.

earrings made from Egyptian coins showing a handspinner
If you like, you can now put in your email address and have a post from this blog sent to you automatically whenever I publish one.  Just find the little field and type.  I am not sure if I get to see your email address or not.  If I can, I won't use it for anything else.

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