April 20, 2015

Losing My Amateur Status

I like to write and I like to make up jokes and clever sayings to make people smile.  Recently I have had a lot of fun writing witty sayings about fibre arts and putting them on pin-back buttons.  I am very fortunate that a friend lent me her button maker.

Here are some examples.  Give fleece a chance is not original.  There are more designs posted at www.facebook.com/RosetwistLLC.

buttons for knitters

I am taking these buttons, rose bead stitch markers, and basic spindles, and going to sell them at Powhatan's Festival of Fiber this Saturday.  It's in Virginia.  I am splitting a booth with a friend, and you can find me under the Rosetwist LLC sign.  Or you can shop at www.rosetwist.com.

Getting ready has been interesting.  I had a custom stamp made for me by The Spanish Peacock from my artwork.  Kids can get their hand stamped at the festival, just ask.

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