April 23, 2012

First Handwoven Clothing

Trying to remember when it was that I first read The Woolcraft Book and saw a picture of a handspun coat similar to this.  Whenever that was, I've been wanting to make this since then.  At least two years, it's been.

The armholes turned out fine.  My anticipatory dread was worse than actual action.  I find that's true of a lot of new projects and new skills.  It's why I stayed put in my hat-making phase for so long.  I don't even wear toques yet I kept making them because I could.

I will wear this vest but only until I make something better, something free of synthetic dyes and with materials of traceable origin.

It was great to take this along to a public demonstration of handspinning on the weekend as a visual aid, to say this is what can be done with a spindle and a wee loom.

I set the day of the demo as my deadline and that helped motivate me to act on this project and get 'er done.


  1. What an incredible piece! It turned out wonderfully. I would love to see it up close. You are a real inspiration to all of us. Boy, do I need to get out my loom...

  2. thank you for the compliments, Gwen. I'm rooting for you to get out your loom.


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