October 19, 2011

Fibre Flax Seed at Richters Herbs

I talked to a Canadian handspinner about flax and found that Richters Herbs in Goodwood, Ontario sells fibre flax seeds by mail.  The variety is called Evelin.

You might remember I purchased fibre flax seed this past spring and gave away small amounts to people I expected were likely to grow it for the experience and possibly save the seed from year to year.  Myself, I didn't have a twenty by twenty foot patch of ground to sow.  According to the seller's directions that was the minimum space needed to grow enough flax for a handspinner to work with.

Directions on the Richters website say the minimum area needed is twenty square feet or two square meters.  If I remember my elementary school math correctly, that is about a five by five foot patch.  This is a considerably smaller and more manageable-sounding proposition.

I have heard back from two of the people who grew seed.  One had a lovely large fresh green bundle of stalks that she brought in to show our guild.  Her bundle was about a double handful in size.  Another used her flax stalks, grown in a pot, as part of a workshop to teach people about flax.

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