15 December, 2009

Smallest Hole on the Diz

The diz I used for the first time recently has three holes in it of varying sizes. I used the smallest hole. Strands go through and then puff up amazingly, at least the springy Romney fibre did.

I used the smallest hole to get something like pencil roving, a very thin long strip of fibre that holds together. With such a preparation, a novice* can spin the combed fibre on a drop spindle without drafting at all, in order to get used to managing the spindle.

I suppose you could tear top into very thin strips to spin without drafting. Predrafting a roving is another option. I find when I predraft top too much the fibres drift apart, probably since the fibres are aligned rather than randomized like roving and have fewer points where friction can keep the strands together.

*by novice I don't mean me, I mean someone who has never spun. I gave away the combed fibre as a gift.

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