November 16, 2009

The K2P2 Hat got Frogged Some More

You know how novelists in interviews describe how they felt that their writing stayed three chapters from the end for about six chapters?

That's kind of my experience with the K2P2 hat I'm working on.

Part of the reason is that I just got going and then wound up trying to wing the decreases. What worked for a stockinette hat looked like a mess on a ribbed hat.

Then I looked at Handspun Handknit and tried a different method of decreasing, one that decreased much more rapidly with fewer rows. I tried on the hat and discovered the length was insufficient. The hat and my ears were strangers to each other.

So I had the conversation with myself whether I wanted to give the hat to a child or take out the decreases and knit more rows so the hat would fit an adult as originally intended.

As with my last post, I chose option B. Getting to be like a choose your own knitting adventure, eh?

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