August 13, 2022

Fashion Types and the Fiber Arts

     I read a book by Carol Tuttle called Dressing Your Truth: Discover Your Type of Beauty.  To get the author's specific recommendations for dressing according to my type, I went to her Living Your Truth website, took the DYT quiz, created an account, and went through the beginner guide.  I went through the beginner guides to all the types, not just mine, and took notes.  I wanted to know what she recommends for the other types so I could avoid those things.  
     I found the content helpful, and considered the ads that came with the content worth enduring.  I like thinking about things in categories.  I've used the Color Me Beautiful system for my clothes since I was a child, when my mother had a colour party.
     I also looked at content online by Molly Bingaman of Ladybird Styling, which is similar to DYT. 
     I understand now why I have barely worn the Lush cardigan I knitted for myself last year.  Its lace design details, unstructured circular yoke, somewhat thick (DK) yarn, negative ease (I did zero ease), and loosely knitted fabric are definitely for a type different than mine. 
     The sweater quantity of yarn that I bought recently was DK.  I returned it.  I have not decided what sweater project I will do this fall, if any, but I know any yarn I get in the future for sweaters should be thinner than DK.
     You can undo a handknit sweater and knit the yarn into something else.  I could do this with my Lush just to be thrifty even though the yarn is too thick.  
     I understand now why I like the look of wool roving dyed multiple colours but I lose interest after I spin it into barber-pole yarn with the colours all mixed together.  No wonder I once spun a repeating multicoloured braid by pulling the sections apart and spinning each colour on its own.  In light of my type, it makes sense that I like solid colours, sequential or symmetrical Fibonacci stripes, plain weave, and stockinette stitch.
     I expect the information will inform my fibre arts choices going forward.  I hope this will mean fewer regrets and more items that work in my wardrobe. 

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