July 16, 2022

Squirrelled Away Another Sweater Quantity

     I did wind up buying another sweater quantity of yarn, in a beautiful dark blue wool.  I've used the colour before for a hat for a gift.  The yarn was on sale and I'd been eyeing it all through last year's yarn diet.  I plan to knit up this yarn in September.  Buying it means the volume of my yarn stash has gone up and that makes me somewhat uneasy, but the prospect of a sweater is good.  
     Early in the year I bought four balls of Jamieson and Smith Shetland yarn to knit a Bousta beanie.  I got as far as the brim and then quailed at the thought of trying stranded colourwork for the first time.  The project has been hibernating ever since.  
     I bought 200 g of fingering weight wool yarn in tonal teal for myself, to make a set of mitts, ear warmer, and cowl.  I bought 100 g of multi-coloured Malabrigo fingering to make mittens for a relative. 
     The same relative gave me two skeins of Malbrigo worsted from her stash and picked out two skeins at a yarn shop with me.  I've knitted two cowls, which are on their way back to her, and I plan to knit two hats. 
     She and I got to go to the 100 mile fibre fair in Coombs, B.C.  I saw a woman there with some hats and a cowl made with the språng technique.  I was impressed because the woman had used Coptic colourwork, intertwining on a background of interlinking, as well as the Tegle pattern, a solid-colour pattern of triangles in S and Z interlinking. 

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