December 09, 2023

Finished the Pink Pullover

      I have finished knitting the pink pullover.  I had a bit of trouble finding information on how to sew up the pieces.  I looked at Deborah Newton's book Finishing School and Knit Pick's YouTube video "Sweater Finishing Part 1: How to Set in Sleeves," and then I found some more information in the book that the sweater pattern came from, Amy Herzog's Knit Wear Love.  
     I am fairly happy with the result.  I regret adding four stitches to the front and decreasing them above the bust to give extra room in the chest because each decrease looks like a mistake in the stockinette.
     As I tried it on, I wondered if I would be happier with a sweater made from a different type of wool such as a down breed wool rather than the merino I used for this one.  At least the merino wool is not scratchy like the stuff I used for my first two sweaters.

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