April 10, 2021

A Resolution, In Conflict with A Greater Goal

      In January I resolved to go cold sheep.  That is, I resolved to not buy any yarn or fiber for the year.  The only out would be if I knitted up two-thirds of my stash.  
     This resolution sprang from the realization that I had enough yarn to knit for a year without buying any more.  I felt that if I stopped spending time on yarn selection and pattern selection, then I could apply that time to using the plans and yarn I had already sunk effort into.  Finishing projects, rather than starting.  Doing justice to them. 
     I lasted two weeks.  Then I discovered that the two sweater quantities of yarn I'd bought in December were too itchy.  I exchanged them.  I felt irritated because I hate to go back on a resolution, especially a resolution with cachet like cold sheep.  However, the main goal is to make myself clothing, and new yarn was the path to doing that. 
     I could have frogged two old and stale projects, the partially-knit sweaters, and used that yarn.  I just wasn't ready to do so.  Now I might be ready to tackle one, after I get some gift knitting done.
     It is an odd thing that having unfulfilled plans and unused materials around is unsatisfying yet the process of getting plans and materials is satisfying.  
     The other week I found myself browsing online looking through yarns on sale.  Must have been in need of some retail therapy.  I selected a yarn and a pattern to go with it, both of which would suit a knit-worthy family member.  It made me feel clever, to spot them and make a pairing.  It's the old hunter gatherer instinct, presumably.  Then I asked myself if it would really make me happy to place an order, given that I had enough yarn on hand to make gifts for family this year.  The answer was no.  I emptied my cart and made a note about the pairing in my records to review next year. 

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