June 09, 2018

Tweeting a Bit

     Happy world wide knit in public day!
     I've been tweeting a bit, at www.twitter.com/RosetwistLLC.  I learned to use TweetDeck, which is part of Twitter, to schedule tweets ahead of time.  Useful.
     Besides product update tweets for my company, I'm tweeting about running a knitter business.  It's sort of like what I do here, writing about what I do and learn.
     I don't know if you've read my blog posts from the beginning but the small business economy, crossed with the fibre arts, has been an interest of mine.  And service design.  Even when I was just a customer.  Maybe it also interests you?
     If I've inserted the HTML properly and you're not using something like Ghostery to block content, you should be able to see a preview of my recent tweets here.

    You can now see a gallery view of the things I've made with handspinning, knitting, handweaving, tablet weaving, natural dyeing, and språng, on this new blog page: http://thesojourningspinner.blogspot.com/p/portfolio.html.
     I am pleased to tell you that just over 5 000 people have subscribed to my YouTube channel, which is mostly about how to do språng (braiding on stretched threads).
     Thank you for your interest.  I hope you're getting enjoyment out of seeing my work here and around the web.

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